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What are the characteristics of a Bull Dog?

Bull dogs are small but wide and thick dogs. Their heads are very broad with their cheeks that extend long downwards to their side of face. The skin on this dog is mainly soft but falls down. Its nose is broad and black with large nostrils. its upper lip is pendent and even its lower lip jaw is pendent. Eyes are very round but far apart from each other. The ears on this dog are small and thin and even folded back in the form of a flower. The tail goes low and carries well low with the body structure.The color of the skin on this particular dog is mainly reddish or light creamy color to it. Never black! Even though may seem a little to harsh or disturbing image they are somewhat one of the most gentlest dogs. These dogs are one of the most affectionate and dependable dogs to own. They are also excellent guarding dogs and brave dogs. They love to be with people and receive love from them as well. However, when they are sleeping they do tend to snore and drool a lot.  Slobber tendency is present with bulldogs. It depends on how old your bulldog is. Lets say your bulldog is old it would be out of shape and doesn't want to exercise anymore, but if they are still pretty young they are full of energy. These dogs live an average of 8 years. 



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