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What are the characteristics of a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers have a nice massive powerful body. They have a muscular and athletic broad head and a rounded forehead. Its eyes are dark with a look of a good loyalty. The ears are triangular shaped that go forward and its nose is pretty wide and black. The lips on this dog is black and inside the mouth it is a dark colored. The tail is customarily docked most of the time.The coat of this dog is short haired and its very hard and thick layers. The coloring of this dog is black with brown marks on the skin. The legs and paws is a lighter color of the basic color of the skin. This particular dog is calm and trainable dog that can learn easily but patience is needed. They are devoted to their family and owners. They love to fight and they are strong fighters also. It does well with children but only that he has been brought up with. It gets along well with other animals like cats and other household pets as long it has been trained to be with them since he has been young. This dog does not allow strangers what so ever. Rotts need plenty of exercise but you cant give too much because they will keep asking for it and will go crazy if they aren't active for a while.  They live up to 10-12 years max.



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