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We want our sites visitors to be able to find basic information about dog breed right here on our informative site. That is why we are building a large list of dog breeds and their traits. For more detailed information please visit the links in our directory.

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What are the characteristics of a Dalmatian?

Dalmatians are solid and lean dogs with well muscled bodies Their coat is short, hard and glossy with white and black or brown spots. Dalmatians' tails are most likely always lively and long, slightly curved and tapered. The head is mainly long out from the its body, flat-topped skull, quite pointed with a long muzzle. Their ears are medium sized dropped floppy ears set close to the head. Their eyes are usually dark rounded eyes. Dalmatians were brought to UK from Balkans and Italy. They were usually raised to protect squires and ladies. They are usually friendly and very outgoing dogs. They are one of the most highly ranked breeds to protect and be guard dogs for their fellow members in the family. Dalmatians are also very easy to train and are very sharp.


What are the characteristics of a Boxer?

Boxer dogs are very well built with a stocky and muscular body. Their coat is short and glossy. The coloring on these dogs can vary from a reddish brown look to a coloring of mahogany look. The tail for this particular dog is traditionally docked but no longer is needed. The head on this dog is usually square shaped with a deep broad muzzle,
undershot bite with a lower jaw protruding. Ears are dropped, thin, inclining forward and flat to the head. Boxer eyes are big, round, and very dark with a vertical flap to the look. THese dogs are known for being popular as guard dogs and companions. They love to hunt as well. Boxer dogs are also playful, friendly and very affectionate but very cautious with strangers. They need a lot of exercise because they are very energetic. They are okay with other pets but you have to be on a look out.


What are the characteristics of a German Shepherd?

German Shepherd dogs are mainly strong, medium size dogs with a straight backs. German Shepherd coats are known to be thick, double coated and soft. The coloring of this dog is usually a black/gold, but mainly black. This dogs tail hangs down in a saber-like curve and is feathered. They tend to have a noble head. The ears are pricked and their eyes are dark and almond-shaped. These dogs are usually excellent in being aloof, but they are polite and not aggressive. They train very easily but you have to be firm but fair with them. These dogs can be family dogs and are very protective of their owners. They tend to learn very fast and they have a acute hearing with everything. For the exercise all they need is good walking every day.


What are the characteristics of a Cocker Spaniel?

Cocker Spaniel dogs are known to be large dogs in a  small frame look and short and  
cobby. Their coat is flat and silky. The coloring of these dogs is black, gold, chocolate and black and white. Their tail is usually friendly, waggy tail that's traditionally docked. The head on this dog is evenly proportioned, angular muzzle, and muscular jaws. Ears are lowered and the eyes always look intelligent and dark. This bred is originally came from Spain. These dogs are sometimes too friendly and happy most of the time. They train easily and are very intelligent. they are good with children, they shine in a family environment, very adaptable and over protective of their families. They aren't usually
good guard dogs but the are aware of strangers. They can be trained within two weeks of effort. Well with other animals. Doesn't need much exercise but needs its daily walks.


What are the characteristics of a Golden Retriever?

Golden Retrievers have short straight back, glamorous, square shape to their body. Their coat is very thick and has a long wavy or straight topcoat. The colors on this dog is usually
pale golden or dark golden. The tail on this dog is straight and feathery to tip of the hock. The head is broad skull and a soft expression. The ear is a moderate six and a medium length on level with eyes.The eyes however are usually known to be dark brown and big. These dogs are very gentle and a good all-rounder. They train very easy because they want to please people all the time. A lovely family dog, very good with the kids, and are well dogs even if you aren't brought up with them since the beginning. They are not that well of guard dogs because they are so loving but they would sense trouble and not fear it. They respond easy and quickly to training skills.  They need exercise as much as you can give them in a day.


What are the characteristics of a Doberman?

Doberman dogs are strongly build, elegant, muscular body, and almost a horizontal back. Their coy coat is tend to be smooth, sleek and very glossy. The coloring of the dog  is known to be a black/tan, black,  tan,and blue/tan. The tail is usually docked. The head on this dog should be a long wedge shape with a  good reach of neck. The ears are usually small and neatly dropped ears, or cropped to a stand erect. The eyes on this dog is dark it reminds people of almond eyes. These dogs are very good guard dogs and can be very boisterous and a one-man-dog. They train easily if being trained in the right hands.  
They are brought up very well with kids and aren't even that noisy. They are known as intelligent, loyal and obedient. The exercise should be at least a walk everyday for 30min. and needs to run a lot. They come from the category under, "Working Group" of dogs. Their average life span is between 10-14 years.


What are the characteristics of a Great Dane?

Great Dane dogs are large dogs, whippet and a mastiff, and they are also tall and intelligent. The coating on this particular dog is short, thick and glossy. The coloring is a fawn, brindle, blue, black and harlequin. The tail is long and should even reach down to the hock. Their head is big with a broad, deep muzzle, squarish and in proportion. The ears are medium and triangular shape that hangs down. The eyes on the Great Dane is tend to have a mysterious look that is rounded and dark with a piercing look. They are very good hunters. They are very affectionate and placid. They are pretty much good people dogs. In training they do not too well because they have minds of their own.  When it comes to family these dogs are very loyal, love people, and are very well with children. Yes they are good guard dogs but can be very noisy. This dog isn't a good dog for the city, requires handling by people who know what they are doing around the dog. Their life span is between 5-10 years. 


What are the characteristics of a Chihuahua?

Chihuahua's are small and , slightly longer than it is tall, and have very well developed chests. The coat on this dog is smooth and silky, with a fringe on the neck. The coloring of this  particular dog varies from a chestnut/white, brindle, tricolor, black, or black and white. The tail is of moderate length and  has a sickle shape. The head is apple shaped with a domed skull, with or without mol era. The ears on this dog have a large flaring at a 45-degree angle. The eyes are moderately are large round darkened eyes.  This dog should be alert, happy most of the time, but however are very bad tempered sometimes and could  snappy and be defensive. They can be easy in training because of their intelligence, but they only learn  what they want to learn. With family these dogs need to be brought up with and loves to be the center of  attention. They love to bark. They are very clever dogs that prefer to be in a pack of Chihuahuas. They can be frightened but when there is a frightened dog they like to be aggressive. They love to be clean. They can live up to 17 years. For serious cares the most known problems for this particular dog would be for their teeth.



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